commitment to consistent karaoke

We have been listening! When bookings have been low, we have sometimes been cancelled. Unfortunately, this creates a situation whereby spontaneity meets with an obstacle.

If you’re not sure there will be karaoke every Friday and Saturday night, how can you decide on the spur of the moment to come on down and sing at the Ming?

This is about to change. Whilst booking is sensible, insofar as having enough staff employed for the night, we want to encourage spontaneity as well. Therefore, after consultation with the new owners, we are making a commitment to NO CANCELLATIONS.

To avoid a downward spiralling vortex, this commitment to karaoke is to provide continuity, but we need your help. Please show your support by actually BEING SPONTANEOUS.


So what are you waiting for? Come and sing at the Ming tonight (if you are reading this on a Friday or Saturday night, and live within driving distance of Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia). You could even catch a train, as we are situated directly opposite Mooroolbark Station, in Brice Avenue.

Now I’m getting hungry. Shredded Duo Fillet in Honey Pepper Sauce on a hot sizzling platter, with vegies and cashews are our favourite dish, sometimes preceded by spring rolls and curry puffs. I’m salivating already!

Shredded Duo Fillet in Honey Pepper Sauce

Shredded Duo Fillet in Honey Pepper Sauce

Vegetables with Cashews

         Vegetables with Cashews

karaoke kool kats

2 responses to “commitment to consistent karaoke

  1. You still running these, Dutchy?

    Someone asked where we could possibly do Kareoke on 1st Friday in December …and I don’t have your mobile anymore – but you might still have mine in the book!

    Haven’t sung k. since we had that barby celebrating the end of part 2! Many moons ago…
    Gosh, I miss ‘gardening’.


    • Yes, we are still there, running karaoke Fridays and Saturdays.
      We are also on Facebook as Sing at the Ming.
      Call 97270688 to make a booking 🎶
      Sandi and Dutchy

      Ming Pavilion Chinese Restaurant
      41 Brice Ave Mooroolbark

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