eat and sing at the ming

Have you tried King Prawns with lemongrass? Feast your eyes on this photo.

King Prawns with Lemongrass

King Prawns with Lemongrass

Seasonal vegetables with cashews
                                                       Seasonal vegetables with cashews

Join us at the Ming every Friday and Saturday, and you can be guaranteed that each night will be different from the last. We have a varied clientele: as young as small children and as old as 80 or so. A family-friendly environment, it is also fun for groups of teens/twenties/thirties/forties/fifties/sixties.

We have many occasions being celebrated. Some examples:

18th birthday party

70th birthday party

any-age birthday celebration

girls’ night out

work function

hen’s night


family get-together

There is a BYO wine license, with a small corkage charge per bottle. Banquets or à la carte selections are available.

There have been no cancellations of karaoke since we promised to commit to consistent karaoke. So please feel free to avail yourself of this commitment. Be spontaneous and come on down. Bookings will help ensure that we can continue in this way. Come and sing at the Ming with Sandi and Dutchy and lastly,

Karaoke is about the fun factor, not the X factor – Sandi Holland

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