hallowe’en – the next event

Since the 31st October falls on a Friday this year, what better excuse for getting dressed up for karaoke?

Fancy dress Hallowe’en night 2014 at the Ming Pavilion in Mooroolbark will see your hosts in costume (I am still deciding between a black cat and a witch, and I am also looking forward to dressing Dutchy up as a vampire).

What will you come as?

There will be draws during the night, with all who attend receiving one ticket, and those dressed up will receive more tickets. Prizes will include a dinner voucher, wine, and some other surprises. Be the first to book and you will receive ten extra tickets, increasing your chance of a prize ten-fold.

Of course, everybody wins as you get to either be entertained by the karaoke, or join in and have even more fun.

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pirates of the karaoke


A great night was had by all as we, Karaoke Kool Kats, celebrated our fourth anniversary hosting at the Ming Pavilion in Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia. Thank you to all who supported us that evening.

karaoke pirate party 4th anniversary (2)

karaoke pirate party 4th anniversary (3)

karaoke pirate party 4th anniversary (14)
karaoke pirate party 4th anniversary (18)

karaoke kool kats

Pirate Party Invitation

you’re invited to our pirate party with pirates of the karaoke!

To help celebrate the fourth anniversary of Karaoke Kool Kats, we shall be having a dress-up night at the Ming on Saturday, 9th August 2014.


Pirate Party Invitation

Come along and join in the fun, and remember to like us on our facebook page called Sing at the Ming.

now on fridays AND saturdays

Come sing at the Ming with Sandi and Dutchy, now on Fridays as well as Saturdays! The Ming Pavilion is a Chinese Restaurant in Brice Avenue, Mooroolbark, Victoria, an eastern suburb in Melbourne, Australia, featuring us as karaoke hosts. Come in a small or large group for a fun night.

Many occasions can be celebrated, from birthdays and engagements, to soccer club breakups or a girls’ night out.

We have had birthdays ranging in age from pre-teens to seventy and beyond. Sometimes people even book out the whole restaurant for their celebration.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Call and make a booking, on 03 9727 0688.

And remember, karaoke is about the fun factor, not the X factor.

Happy Kool Kats

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karaoke kool kats

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see you at the ming on new year’s eve

  While we will not be doing karaoke the weekend immediately after Christmas, come and join us on New Year’s Eve for some fun and frivolity.

Mark your diary: from 7pm on Tuesday 31st December 2013.

For $35 a head per adult, you will receive a three-course meal from a limited range of dishes, and then you can sing at the Ming with Sandi and Dutchy. BYO wine only.

Don’t forget to book on 03 9727 0688.

laughable lyrics

Remember singing a song with lyrics that made people laugh? Sometimes when we don’t know the words to a song our subconscious kicks in and makes them up for us. They seem to fit, and you sing it that way so often you are mistaken that they are the actual words of the song. That is, until someone hears you and falls about the floor laughing.

I remember some lyrics I thought said so very customary, turned out to be so ferry across the Mersey, much to my embarrassment.

When you are asked the name of the swaggie in Waltzing Matilda, you are being misled by people saying it’s in the song: Andy sang Andy watched and waited ’til his billy boiled, you’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me.

One of our daughters, when very young, thought Bob Dylan was knocking on Kevin’s door, rather than Heaven’s door.

Once you become a karaoke addict, lyrics displayed on the screen make you realise how little you really knew a song. But even so, some of those lyrics are wrong themselves, especially ones done in a foreign country, particularly where English is not their first language.

Meanwhile, after broaching this subject at a dinner party last night, another contribution was made, instead of Let the Midnight Special, a seven-year-old used to sing Let me in, I’m special.

Funnily enough, on the way home in the car we were singing along to the radio, when we both sang a different word as part of the song. I sang You’ve offended my, love don’t live here any more, while Dutchy was convinced it was You’ve abandoned me… I hate it when he’s right!! We had a good laugh about it in any case.

How about adding some of your own laughable lyrics to the list? Or, next time you come to the Ming on a Saturday night, be sure to tell me some of your favourites.

And lastly, remember, karaoke is about the fun factor, not the X factor. Happy singing!

australia day karaoke

Here is a little belated update from our Australia Day karaoke at the Ming.

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a bloke with Australia Day nails

Australia Day Karaoke

The only trouble with having theme nights on a long weekend is that a lot of people go away, so numbers are often down.

Oh well, the people who were there had lots of fun.

So come along and sing at the Ming with Sandi and Dutchy, and if you haven’t, why not try it?

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